Cohesity Extends Their DataPlatform Reach with Products Designed for Remote and Branch Offices

Taneja Group Analysis

To date, secondary storage solutions have mainly focused on supporting the requirements of central data centers. The needs of core data centers are of course important, but most enterprises are highly distributed and typically have many remote and branch offices, often referred to as ROBOs. To holistically serve the needs of large organizations, secondary storage providers need to expand their product portfolios and offer solutions that are tailored to ROBO needs. Cohesity, with their recent product announcements, has taken a significant step in this direction by introducing two secondary storage products that extend their data protection capabilities to ROBOs.

Specifically, Cohesity announced the release of Cohesity DataPlatform Virtual Edition (VE) and the Cohesity C2100 Hyperconverged Node for remote and branch offices. Together with Cohesity DataProtect, the new DataPlatform VE product delivers an integrated software-only backup solution that deploys on virtual machines ideal for remote or branch office locations. The C2100 entry-level hyperconverged node with the Cohesity DataPlatform Standard Edition provides a dedicated data protection appliance that is also designed for ROBO environments.

For enterprise IT groups, the key takeaway of these announcements is that Cohesity has been listening to their enterprise customers, they understand that ROBOs have a unique set of challenges and they have introduced products specifically designed to meet ROBO needs. For example, ROBOs have a need to protect servers and application data, but they usually have smaller budgets and IT staff is often in short supply. The Cohesity DataPlatform VE is ideal for these ROBO environments because it eliminates the need to provision new hardware and can be remotely installed and administered without requiring on-site support. Along the same lines, the C2100 hyperconverged node provides a hyperconverged node that offers entry-level flash storage, memory and compute.

It’s great to see Cohesity catering to enterprise ROBO needs. And it should be noted that because these new products leverage the full power of the Cohesity DataPlatform, customers can count on the web-scale storage, high availability, cloud support and data security they have come to expect. Equally important, they can now enjoy a consistent software-defined secondary storage and data protection experience across all forms of their IT infrastructure.

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