VMware HCI momentum continues with vSAN 6.6 release!

Jeff Kato, Senior Analyst & Consultant

I recently wrote a column about the extreme pressure that SDS technology was putting on the traditional storage market. You can read that article here. With the recent release of vSAN 6.6, the maturity of the product and customer momentum shined through. It continues to confirm that SDS technology when mixed with the “perfect storm” rise of flash technology and hyper-scale compute architectures has led to the incredible decline in the external traditional storage market. I sat through a launch webcast where Lee Caswell, Michael Haag, and Vahid Fereydouny presented the new features available in 6.6, and the momentum vSAN has achieved through the years. This release focused on rounding out enterprise features around security, availability, and performance on a product that greatly matured with the 6.2 release. Before the 6.2 release one year ago, vSAN did not have much momentum in the SDS or HCI market. Oh, what a year makes. VMware has caught up with and surpassed many vendors in the SDS and HCI market.

Lee Caswell mentioned they now have 7,000 customers and are adding 100 new ones every week. These are fabulous momentum numbers. When I talk to customers about “why not vSAN,” their biggest complaint is that will just further create VMware lock-in. Lee mentioned that when he talks to customers, they only want HW vendor choice, in which VMware amply provides with over 15 HW partners for vSAN. Customers want choice in general, which includes the hypervisor of choice as well. However, we can all agree that vSAN has incredible momentum and with a penetration of 7,000 in the 500,000 VMware customers installed based, there is a lot more room for vSAN to continue to grow. I’m impressed with what vSAN has done over the past year, and how far they have come from when they initially released vSAN. Well done!

Published by Jeff Kato

Senior Analyst $ Consultant at Taneja Group

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